How do I deal with my daughter’s pal’s foul consuming habits whereas she lives in our apartment?

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How do I deal with my daughter’s pal’s foul consuming habits whereas she lives in our apartment?

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Q. My daughter and her best friend, rising juniors in college, are living at our domestic this summer for D.C. internships. The pal is satisfying and respectful in our domestic but has fully noxious eating habits. She has placed on giant weight within the two years we now have universal her, and she is at all times bringing sodas and candy into our home, eats lots late at evening, sits around a whole lot. My daughter does not seem bothered through this and i understand it’s likely none of my enterprise, but I do feel that as a mother chargeable for this newborn, i can’t watch her have such sinister habits. i understand how tons difficulty being overweight can deliver. How may still I tackle this? —worried dad or mum

First issues first. She is not a “newborn.” She is a gainfully employed er, internshipped college student. and you are “answerable for her,” sure, but simplest within the sense of featuring shelter that, say, doesn’t include a gradual movement of carbon monoxide. You aren’t accountable for her when it comes to micromanaging her riboflavin intake. Are you grossed out by way of her? That a lot is obvious and, yes, it’s your home. however it sounds just like the tricky conduct isn’t technically making her a bad houseguest. i beg you to are attempting to suspend your judgment. I won’t argue that she’s taking suitable care of herself or that her habits are healthful, however i will contend that now not handiest is it not your right to interfere, but that in doing so that you can damage a couple of relationships — your daughter’s covered.

Why didn’t she speak in confidence to me?

Q. a friend of mine “Sarah” advised me that a mutual friend “Michelle” is having complications together with her husband and that they’re near to divorce. Sarah has sworn me to secrecy. I had no conception! i thought i was nearer with Michelle than Sarah was, and that i’m hurt that Michelle isn’t confiding in me. Our households hang around together and that i haven’t detected anything in any respect. but when it is correct, then I are looking to be there for Michelle, because I suppose she would tell me, so I want to ask. however Sarah made me promise not to. —support!

so that you believe she would inform you. however, my pricey, she hasn’t. That doesn’t suggest that she gained’t, however there are many advanced chances here, from Sarah’s exaggerating the whole element, to her finding out in some illicit method, to — I are aware of it’s hurtful — Michelle having a unique class of relationship with Sarah than you realized. however i will be able to’t manufacture a means that you should ask Michelle devoid of going towards Sarah’s self belief and jeopardizing all the relationships involved. Of route, Sarah shouldn’t have told you in the first area, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, you’ve got to dangle it, even if it scratches you. in case you want to guide Michelle, just be the empathetic, kind chum that each person should be — pending divorce or not.

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